Science At Risk Lecture Series

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Scholars from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are at great risk today with the Lukashenko regime cracking down with unprecedented severity on the people of Belarus and where Russia has launched a murderous war of aggression on Ukraine and is brutally suppressing any dissent in its own country. In autumn 2022, we therefore launch the Science at Risk Lecture Series in a collaboration between the newly founded, Berlin-based association akno e.V. with the support of Off-University. More than a hundred scholars from Ukraine, Belarus und Russia will give online lectures not only for their students at home, but also for students at German universities as well as for an international scientific and public audience.

The lecture series will cover topics that critically engage with the current situation in the home country of the participating scholars. Each week a "new" scholar will give their respective lecture. In this way, the audience gains a rare insight into the broad spectrum of research and teaching of the scholars involved.

The lecture series are hosted by renowned German universities and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Online attendance is free and open to everyone after registration.

Upon successful completion, participants of the four lecture series listed below can receive credit points (ECTS) from the university that accredited the course.

Translation to and from English, Ukrainian and Russian is provided in many lectures. Please check out the individual lecture for details.

In addition to the lecture series presented here, there will be other formats involving scholars at risk from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in autumn and winter 2022, such as panel discussions and round tables. More information soon at

Lecture Series Organizers: akno e.V. and Off-University

The association akno e.V. is a non-governmental organization based in Berlin. akno e.V. is a centre for consultation, verification, registration and emergency assistance to ​​​​​​​scientists and students who have become victims of the war in Ukraine or political repression in Belarus and Russia.

Off-University is a self-organization of persecuted scholar that creates new strategies to uphold and sustain academic life and knowledge threatened by anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. Off-University was established in 2017 for and by academics from Turkey. Today it aims to safeguard at-risk knowledge and scholars all over the world.

In the scope of this collaboration, Off-University facilitated the organizational and technical implementation of the courses, while akno has selected scholars from its networks in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

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