Anti-Gender Moblization in European Academia

We are very excited to share this video Lecture with Professor Andrea Petö, from the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University, Budapest.  “Anti-Gender Mobilisation In European Academia: Why We All Need To Be Concerned?”

In October 2018 the Hungarian government closed all gender studies courses in the country, setting a dangerous precedent for a clamp down on academic freedom across Europe. In this lecture Professor Andrea Petö discusses what the causes and consequences are of the attacks on gender studies in Hungary and internationally, and how strategies of academic and feminist activism are developing in this challenging environment. 


She starts with a chronology of the upsurge of the anti gender movement in Hungary, from attacks on pre-school sexual education, the Estrella and Lunacek reports,  to the deletion of two gender studies courses in 2018. The planned relocation of the Central European University to Vienna will make it the first University in exile inside the EU. We are in a difficult moment for academic freedom with lots at stake, but Andrea Petö reminds us that unexpected alliances and opportunities can form transnationally.


In this thought provoking video lecture she calls on us to look not just at the surface of the problem but the root causes of this crack down on gender studies, and to reconsider how knowledge production academics activism is carried out in the face of the “Polypore state” .