For Host Institutions

How to organize an online course with Off-University?

Off-University has been working closely with ten universities in Germany and the US, who have hosted the online courses. If you want to show your engagement for academic freedom as a university, you can act as a host for one of the courses. The host university acts as the quality manager and certifies the amount of working hours successful students have spent in the course in ECTS points on a transcript of records. Courses are usually independent from the existing curriculum at the hosting university or faculty. If possible, the host university contracts the scholar at risk directly and may offer them institutional affiliation. The host institution agrees to be mentioned as a host university of the course publicly and may assist in the promotion of the course.

The organization of an online course with scholars at risk offers your institution the possibility to collaborate more closely with the scholar you host and the instructor of the course, and to benefit from their academic contribution and international network.

Off-University aims to accommodate a variety of topics, methods, and theoretical approaches. Courses that are available on BA and MA level topics include, among others, the Political History of the Modern Middle East, Feminist Political Philosophy, Turkish Literature, and Political Economy of the Global South. Courses are decided upon by selection committees composed of specialists in their area and familiar with the political circumstances of the applicants’ country of origin.

Courses take place either only online with the lecturer in their country of origin or as a tandem course with one lecturer in exile at the host university and one lecturer in their country of origin.

Anyone can join the course from anywhere in the world online, regardless of their previous educational achievement. This also provides many students with a chance to re-connect with their previous lecturers who are no longer able to teach. Classes usually have between 8 to 25 participants regularly attending from diverse countries including Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

Off-University’s online-learning platform offers a virtual classroom including chat options, video livestream, a virtual blackboard, and an encrypted shared file management system for maximum security of personal data. Course readings are uploaded to the platform so that students could have easy access. Video lectures of around 10 minutes are uploaded weekly to guide students on their readings.

Online classes take place once a week throughout the semester via the video live stream, where students and lecturers meet to discuss the readings and exchange ideas. Students can also upload files and make class presentations, and different virtual rooms can be opened for group activities.