Off-University has been a partner in the explorative research "Beyond Social Cohesion: Global Repertoires of Living Together" (RePLITO) since October 2020. RePLITO takes marginalized and neglected repertoires of living together as its starting point to rethink social cohesion from a transregional perspective. The project is funded in the framework of the "Grand Challenge Initiative Social Cohesion" by the Berlin University Alliance (2021-2024).

A team of researchers from FU Berlin and HU Berlin with extensive expertise in Central, South, and Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, Southern, and East Africa, as well as the Middle East, explores how social actors in regions of the Global South and within Europe's margins imagine and practice communal life and create bonds. These repertoires of living together continue to be negotiated and transformed in the context of dynamic interactions beyond localities, nation-states, and regions.

Off-University's role in this collaboration is to create the dynamic and easily accessible Digital Knowledge Archive at that gathers and conceptualizes global repertoires of living together.

Until now we have jointly organized three online courses and included several research contributions and publications from the Off-University network into the Digital Knowledge Archive.

With members of RePLITO, we have formed an interdisciplinary working group that explores spatial and urban repertoires of living together.

Please get in touch via mail for questions or further inquiries.