Thank your for your interest in the seminar

“Identity and Conflict in the Middle East”

The seminar will be held via Canvas, the online education system of the New School. Conference Calls will be done via the programme Zoom. Before you proceed to register, please note that we will never ask you to disclose your identity when it is not necessary. Only if you would like to receive a certificate will we need your real name and your address. We will ask for this at the very end of the seminar only. For your own protection and that of others, we ask you to observe the following rules and to implement them whenever possible.
While registering only a nickname should be indicated. If possible, this nickname should have nothing to do with your real name. We do not accept insulting, racist or sexist undertones with nicknames.
Before you register, get yourself an e-mail adress that has nothing to do with your real name, your birthdate or the place you live.
Do not insist on communicating with others outside the platform (by mail, facebook, twitter, skype, etc.), but remain in the secure digital environment. Let us know if someone particularly insists on receiving personal information directly from you.
Make a conscious decision when to turn on the camera during conversations and when to turn it off.
The seminar is limited to about 25 participants. Before you proceed to register, please reconsider if you have the time to follow the whole seminar. Weekly meetings with the moderators take place Thursday 18.00 (GMT +1). If you are not sure, please leave your place to somebody else.