Democracy and Citizenship at Risk


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Potsdam University
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Dates:  Every Thursday between 25.10.2018 and 07.12.2019

Time:  16:15-17:45 (local time in Germany)
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Democracy and Citizenship at Risk

About this course

“Democracy and Citizenship at Risk” offers participants the opportunity to understand and scrutinize political, economic and social processes and their complex dynamics in Turkey through a series of discussions with the lecturers. It particularly provides a space to hear scholars from Turkey who got dismissed from their university positions due to signing a peace petition calling to end state violence in and against Kurdish regions in January 2016. Four scholars participating in the lecture series have since not been allowed to leave Turkey and will lecture via livestream.

What you'll learn

As it is widely known, in recent years we have been witnessing the emergence of a number of authoritarian and autocratic regimes in Western societies and beyond. The lecturers discuss the transformations in Turkey and the consequences for its citizens, especially the regime’s attacks upon academic freedom and the impact it has upon the situation and lives of scholars through a series of concepts, such as “sociology of citizenship”, “economic and financial transformation”, “migration and human rights”, “religion, secularism and citizenship” and “women’s right.”