Global Political Economy

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Potsdam University
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Thursdays 12:00 - 14:00 (GMT +2)
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Global Political Economy - Evolutions and Dynamics

About this course

This course focuses on current research on the Political Economy of Globalization. It will introduce theoretical and methodological tools for analysing the political economic repercussions of globalization, discuss conceptual issues, examine empirical research findings in context and recognize the importance of historical patterns and contemporary developments. The aim of the lecture is to provide tools that will enable students to understand and explain developments in the global political economy.

What you'll learn

During the course students will gain an understanding of the relationship between politics and economic policies, how globalization has evolved over the last decades and how economic policies have assumed their present shape under global neoliberalism. We will examine key features of globalization policies, case studies and recent debates on global economy. A special emphasis will be on Neoliberalism’s stance toward globalization and policies that occurred after the global financial and economic crisis.

Dr. Benan Eres Obtaining his major BS degree in Economics and minor in Political Science in 1998 at Middle East Technical University, Dr. Eres worked as a research fellow at the same institution. He was accepted for doctoral studies in 2000 at the University of Utah and completed in 2005, receiving his PhD degree in Economics. The same year he started working as Dr. Research fellow at Ankara University, School of Political Sciences, Department of Economics. He continued to work at the Ankara University as Assistant Professor between 2009 and 2014 and as Associate Professor then on until 2017. His areas of interest and research are the political economy, international economics, Marxian economy, and competitive processes in market economies. He has published several articles in journals like Critique and Review of Radical Political Economics and contributed to several book volumes.