Homelessness and Homemaking


Host institution
Humbold University
Online class times
Time in Germany and Hungary: 18.00 - 20.00

Time in Turkey: 19.00 - 21.00 (after 28th October 20.00 - 22.00)
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Homelessness and Homemaking:
On Different Meanings of the Home Space

About this course

In this course students will develop their skills in empirical research and critical thinking. The main question of the research seminar is: “How do the meanings of the home space change in different geographical and historical contexts by taking different axes of conflicts into consideration (such as gender, race, class, generational differences, sexual orientation, religion, culture)?” 
“Home” as a place can take various meanings in different historical and geographical contexts. Assigned historically to women, the home space is usually made sense of by oppressive aspects such as violence or exploitation. While these approaches are indispensable to interpret the home space, home in certain contexts can become a place of solidarity, a place of healing, a place of resistance, empowerment, particularly for women. 

What you'll learn

The course will discuss different approaches on the home space, homemaking practices and homelessness so that participants are offered distinct aspects through which to look at the home space and their own questions around homelessless and homemaking relationally.
During the course students will work in teams to collect and analyse their own empirical data, to gain understandings of the home space in different contexts. The course will be lectured by Dr. Ayse Iclal Küçükkırca and Prof. Andrea Pető who will supervise and support students during the research process. The course will be held in English.