Media and Discrimination


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Media and Discrimination 

About this course

This course aims at focusing on the role of the media in Turkey in reproducing and spreading discourses of discrimination in the public sphere against refugees, ethnic and religious minorities, women and LGBTIs etc. For this purpose, the course will focus on the analysis of the media discourses in Turkey and compare these with countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, by focusing on news, ads., comics, serials, films and social media. The course includes exercises that will develop students' ability to identify and analyse discriminatory discourse of the media.

What you'll learn

  1. An understanding of the role of the media in dissemination of discriminatory discourses.
  2. An understanding of the discursive strategies of discrimination applied by different media types and contents in Turkey
  3. An understanding of diverse methodological perspectives for analysing media discourses of discrimination.  

The full syllabus of this course can be found here.

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