Space Belonging and Exclusion The Making and Dismantlement of Home and Urban Spaces


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Humboldt University of Berlin and New University in Exile Consortium
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Tuesdays: 18:00-20:00 (GMT+2)
14 WEEKS (14.04.20-14.07.20)
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Space, Belonging and Exclusion: The Making and Dismantlement of Home and Urban Spaces

About this course

“Home” as a place can take various meanings in different historical and geographical contexts. Assigned historically to women home space is usually made sense of with oppressive aspects such as violence, exploitation. While these approaches are indispensable to make sense of the home space, home in certain contexts can become a place of solidarity, a place of healing, a place of resistance, empowerment, particularly for women. This course will comprise of different readings, approaches on the home space, homemaking practices and homelessness so that the participants can have distinct alternatives to think through the home space. 

The online seminar is organized with the New University in Exile Consortium (NuiEC) based at the New School for Social Research. The seminars co-hosted with the NUiEC are always co-led by a scholar stranded in their home country and a scholar hosted by the Consortium.

What you'll learn

  1. Gaining abilities on how to think critically and analytically on the home space;
  2. Thinking the home space from disciplinary perspectives;
  3. Developing oral skills of presenting information;
  4. Gaining confidence in critical writing

Course outline

A full outline of the seminar syllabus can be found here

Please note that there will be a preparatory meeting that will take place during the usual class hours one week before the class starts. In this meeting, we will introduce you how the platform works and we will offer technical support so that everybody is technically ready for the first session.

Meet your instructors

Iclal Ayse Kucukkirca completed her PhD degree at the SPEL (Social, Political, Ethical and Legal Philosophy) programme at Binghamton University, New York in 2011. The title of her dissertation is Homelessness and Homemaking. Her areas of interest are gender/sexuality studies particularly women’s movements, and feminist political philosophy and the construction of the home place in different geographies through different axes. She has worked as a lecturer at the Philosophy department of the Binghamton University and at the History department of the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and as an Assistant Professor at the Philosophy department of Mardin Artuklu University. In 2017 she was awarded Şirin Tekeli Research Encouragement Award.


Utku Balaban is a visiting associate professor at Amherst College’s Anthropology and Sociology Department. He taught at Ankara University until 2017 when the government expelled and blacklisted him along with over thirty colleagues as signatories of the Peace Petition to protest the violence against the Kurdish civilian by government forces in 2015. He pursues his studies on urbanization and industrialization. His current work focuses on the interrelationship of the late urbanization and industrialization with the rise of Islamism in Turkey.