Conferences Date

07 Oct 2017 15:00 - 15 Oct 2017 23:59



A Commons Approach Towards Digital Socialities and Peace

"Academics for Peace" is an emblematic example of commons. The current peace/war dialectic is digitality. For a long time, especially within media and communications research, there was an emphasis on a digital divide or, more pointedly, a digital gap. For a moment, consider digital media in relation to borders and frontiers. Studies have shown how disadvantaged groups, such as migrants and refugees fleeing war zones, use digital media and digital social networks in their border crossings, many of them with considerable virtuosity. In fact, they can be called 'mobile commons.' Thus, problems relating to peace, reconciliation and peace education can not be conceived in abstract terms. Social struggles must be examined within the specifics of their historical, political, ideological, cultural and social contexts. Critical peace, however, cannot ignore global, regional, transnational and transterritorial variables. Digitality, and new forms of knowledge pertaining to this, such as Kiron, Silent University, Guniversite and Off-University, may be a transformative force that can help in remoulding the world of people seeking to escape war, as those hoping to build peace. We will discuss this possibility of transformation in our cooperative circles of solidarity transcending the limits of space and time towards anew digital socialities and peace.