Peace in Turkey after all Dangerous Thresholds have been crossed

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07 Oct 2017 15:00 - 15 Oct 2017 00:00



Peace in Turkey after all Dangerous Thresholds have been crossed

In this presentation, I will talk about the possibility of peace in Turkey – or maybe more about the obstacles before it. When I say peace, I mean basically the termination of the long-lasting process of war and clashes and the resolution of the Kurdish problem on the basis of dialogue and negotiation. It has been stated numerous times that it is highly risky for the clashing powers within the regime to play the Kurdish question as a card against each other, and that Turkey has already come at the brink of a very dangerous threshold. These forewarnings have been overlooked following the adoption of a denialist and nationalist policy by the State as of June-July 2015, and another long process of clashes has been going on since then. Therefore, today as far as the Kurdish problem is concerned, the threshold of a civil war, the threshold of an international intervention, the threshold of Turkey becoming a country waging war against all the Kurds, and the threshold of separation from Turkeya have all been crossed. The fact that all these thresholds have been breached as a result of the madness that possessed the State in a very short time, led the Kurds to seek out new directions. The Kurds do not regard negotiation or struggle with the rulers of the country they live in as a determining or conclusive factor in the solution of the Kurdish problem. A persistent apathy fed by exhaustion and anger is growing day by day. The people in the region, who have turned their faces to the developments in Rojava and Basur and to a solution on the international scale, do not regard the peace process as a determinant link in the chain. In this presentation, my main intention is to draw attention to the breaching of these thresholds, to the growing apathy, and to the fact that we should not ignore the possibility of a solution arising from the regional or international platform.