Off-University goes 36C3 - Impressions from the 36th Chaos Communcation Congress

From 27th - 30th December, we had a chance to introduce our initiative at the Chaos Computer Club’s volunteer-run and community-supported annual symposium, 36th Chaos Communication Congress. We felt very lucky to get together with thousands of technology experts, hackers, crypto-people, free software advocates, hardware programmers, activists, artists and utopians in Leipzig and got a chance to introduce them our online digital platform and the idea behind it in such a non-corparate environment. Our 60 min. long presentation was held on 29th, the 3rd day of the congress, at the ChaosZone Bühne within the framework of the society and ethic track.

In addition to learning about a series of contributions and innovative ideas, by joining to the conference, our main concern was to get some criticisms, feedbacks and suggestions from the people who were not only interested in but also experts in the information technology and digital security. Luckily, we had very fruitful, thought-provoking discussions with some of the participants at the end of our presentation. Thanks to their welcoming attitude, our knowledge on open source software, free certification authority, digital attacks, various digital academic communities and projects established all around the world against the increasing restrictions on freedom of speech have expanded a lot more. This lively discussions also contributed us engaging in a more creative and skeptical discourse on the interaction between technology and society in general.

We send many thanks to the 363C organizers for making it possible in this huge, insanely well-organized four-day congress! We also want to thank to the audience who were there with us during the presentation especially with the vivid debates and eye-opening inputs that they have generously provided us with!

If you are interested to find out further information and impressions on the conference, please take a look at the media content of their website here: