Off-University is inviting proposals for online courses in the Gender Studies to be taught on the Off-University online learning platform during the 2020/21 winter term (14 weeks, October 2020 – February 2021). The lecturers of selected courses will receive 1000 € per month for a total of five months as an honorarium for their teaching. Currently, two applications will be selected by the course selection committee since we plan for two courses in the Gender Studies to be organized for the winter semester. Off-University’s online-learning platform offers a virtual classroom including chat options, video livestream, a virtual blackboard, and a shared file management system. Over the last three years, we have hosted a total of 25 interactive online courses, which have all been certified by German and North American universities with recognized credits. ECTS credits can be transferred to a home university after completion. Off-University, however, is open for anybody to join, not only students enrolled at a university.

Application Requirements:

- Being politically (1) persecuted and/or displaced and (2) unemployed and/or in material need

- Ability to teach a self-organized undergraduate or graduate course in your field of research

- Holding (at least) a master’s degree

- Instructors are required to act in accordance with the Off-University Code of Conduct, which can be found here.


Application Material in English:

1. Two-page-long course outline (14 weeks) or an example of a course taught before in the Gender Studies. The outline should describe objectives, planned outcome, requirements and expectations from the students. Requirements may later be adjusted to the program of the certifying university.

2. Full-CV with detailed past teaching and research experience

3.  2-5 mins long video describing the applicant’s approach to interactive online teaching and the research orientation of the the proposed course which will be recorded on our online learning platform (for further information please read “Application Process” section below)

4. A short statement of persecution and material condition and/or immigration status (max. 500 words)

Courses can be proposed from different academic disciplines, yet they should be related to Gender Studies and held in English, Turkish or German. As course proposals will be selected by an international team of scholars, please submit your application material in English. Course proposals do not need to solely focus on Turkey, but a certain emphasis on gender debates in Turkey is necessary. Comparative aspects in the course are highly encouraged. Course proposals are expected to reflect the recent discourse of the field, advocate diversity in the canon and promote creativity and the active participation of students.  Please indicate your experience in teaching an online course and your knowledge on interactive e-learning methods in your application.

Off-University is committed to an academic life connecting teaching and research. It therefore encourages applications for courses that involve the course participants in the instructor’s actual research activity. This can be achieved by for instance collective data collection and analysis that involves the participants in an intellectually demanding way, the critical evaluation of instructor’s draft research papers by the participants or the involvement of participants in future common publications or other ways of knowledge dissemination (blogs, wikis, films, conferences etc.). We offer advice on how to integrate research activities into future courses and will help to further develop teaching activities in this direction.

Applicants of non-cis-male gender are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given priority where qualifications are equal. Applicants with a disability will be given priority where qualifications are equal.


Application Process:

To apply, we kindly ask you to inform us via or if you prefer secure communication via a Messaging-App (Signal or WhatsApp: +49 176 233 622 47) that you would like to apply at least one week before the application period ends.

After we hear from you, we will create a personal folder on your name on our platform. You will receive a private message with further instructions on how to upload your application material and how to record your video. Please note, that for reasons of confidentiality all communication will take place via the platform messaging system and not via E-Mail. Please make sure to log in periodically to receive information and updates on the application process.

If you have already an account on please write a short note to or via a Messaging-App. We will create a personal folder there for you.

Submissions should be submitted on the platform by May 15th, 2020 midnight (Central European Time). You will be notified by June 15th, 2020 about the preliminary outcome of your application.

Please note that teaching positions for accepted proposals are not guaranteed and depend on the availability of funding and a host institution.

If you have any questions or need further information, please write to