University beyond Borders in times of Crisis: Off-University


Registration to Summer Term Courses is Open!


Summer semester in Off-University is now starting. Our courses are taught by academics from Turkey who were forced to resign from the universities because of their political views. They are open to anyone who wants to learn about different conditions of the world from a wide perspective.


Due to the crisis resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, universities from all over the world have been forced to sustain their education through online learning platforms. Off-University was established during another crisis about three years ago, when many academics in Turkey lost their jobs because of their political opinions and got legally persecuted. The aim of Off-University, which offers courses open to everyone through an online digital platform, is to support the researchers and faculty members who were excluded from their institutions by the repressive authorities and to develop new methods to convey their knowledge and share their research. So far, 1400 participants have benefited from the online courses offered by Off-University.


Climate change and climate justice, the role of the media in spreading discourses of discrimination and different philosophical approaches to the notion of ‘home’ are among the most exciting topics of the courses that compromise Off-University’s 2020 summer term.


If you are interested to join the courses which are completely free, registration is just a click away.

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