Transferring credits from Off-University

During my time studying at Off-University I was able to collect credits for my own University degree while gaining new perspectives on the topics of Political Economy and financialisation . Watching video lectures and joining the online class without leaving my home was great, and I still got to meet classmates from all over the world. 

The course “Political Economy of the Global South in the Age of Financialisation” gave me a critical view on development in the global South and the problems confronted by policy makers in an era of financialisation. The course was taught via the Off-University learning platform Coworkingsquares by Dr. Ali Rıza Güngen who is a persecuted academic based in Turkey, and unable to work at a public institution or travel abroad.

The credits I received from the course were provided by the International Centre for Development and Decent Work at the University of Kassel in Germany, which hosted the course as part of their Global Political Economy masters program. After I handed in my assignments and finished the course I received a certificate with ECTS points. This certificate from Kassel University allowed me to transfer credits to my studies at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, and helped me to finish my Master’s degree.

During the online classes I was able to take part in many thought provoking online discussions with people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Not only did the course contribute to my own educational attainment, it was a unique and fruitful way of studying at University. If you would like to study at Off-University and have the credits count towards your own degree then speak to your department about it and ask Off-University for a certificate. You can see the current courses Off-University is running here.