What is the legal status of Off-University?

Off-University was founded in Berlin in June 2017 and is registered as a non-profit association according to German law officially entitled “Off-University. Organisation für den Frieden e.V.”

Who can provide education via Off-University?

Off-University is an open platform for all at-risk academics and researchers, as long as they believe in peace as a universal value.

Who can receive education from Off-University?

We believe that education is a basic right that should be free of charge. Enrolling as a student is not subject to any previous attainments or fees.

How can I support Off-University?

Every individual or institution who advocates peace as a universal value can support the platform Off-University through academic or financial means or by spreading the word. 

In which languages does the education take place?

There are no restrictions with regard to languages. Until now we have received proposals for classes in English, Turkish and German.