Where the name comes from

Off-University. Where the name comes from.

by Tuba İnal Çekiç and Julia Strutz (Founding team of OFF-University)


Off … because we founded this Initiative at a moment when the Turkish Government made an effort to turn off the university and with it academic life and critical knowledge.

Off … hands off my colleagues

Off … because we and many of our colleagues and friends were pushed off campus.

Off … because teaching and research offline was no longer possible. Exploring the opportunites of online collaboration and the re-creation of what we love about offline university (leaving out everything we hate) in an online space was obvious to us.

Off … because we expected this to become an adventure, off the road, cross-country, cross-border.

Off … because Off stands for the better, more interesting alternative to the existing mainstream, transforming it.

It is a simple outcry for what is happening in Turkey