Homelessness and Homemaking

On Different Meanings of the Home Space

In this course students will develop their skills in empirical research and critical thinking. The main question of the research seminar is: “How do the meanings of the home space change in different geographical and historical contexts by taking different axes of conflicts into consideration (such as gender, race, class, generational differences, sexual orientation, religion, culture)?” 

“Home” as a place can take various meanings in different historical and geographical contexts. Assigned historically to women, the home space is usually made sense of by oppressive aspects such as violence or exploitation. While these approaches are indispensable to interpret the home space, home in certain contexts can become a place of solidarity, a place of healing, a place of resistance, empowerment, particularly for women. 

The course will discuss different approaches on the home space, homemaking practices and homelessness so that participants are offered distinct aspects through which to look at the home space and their own questions around homelessless and homemaking relationally.

During the course students will work in teams to collect and analyse their own empirical data, to gain understandings of the home space in different contexts. The course will be lectured by Dr. Ayse Iclal Küçükkırca and Prof. Andrea Pető who will supervise and support students during the research process. The course will be held in English. Click here for a detailed course syllabus.

Classes start on 30th September and take place every Monday:

Time in Germany: 18.00 - 20.00

Time in Hungary 18.00 - 20.00

Time in Turkey: 19.00 - 21.00 (after 28th October 20.00 - 22.00)


About the instructors

Andrea Pető is Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and a Doctor of Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She is teaching courses on European comparative social and gender history, gender and politics, women’s movements, qualitative methods, oral history, and the Holocaust.  

In 2005, she was awarded the Officer’s Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary by the President of the Hungarian Republic and the Bolyai Prize by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2006. In 2018 she was awarded the 2018 All European Academies Madame de Staël Prize for Cultural Values. Author of 5 monographs, editor of 31 volumes, as well as 261 articles and chapters in books published in 19 languages. Her articles have appeared in leading journals including East European Politics and Society, Feminist Theory, NORA, Journal of Women’s History, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Clio, Baltic Worlds, European Politics and Society, International Women’s Studies Forum.


Iclal Ayse Kucukkirca completed her PhD degree at the SPEL (Social, Political, Ethical and Legal Philosophy) programme at Binghamton University, New York in 2011. The title of her dissertation is Homelessness and Homemaking. Her areas of interest are gender/sexuality studies particularly women’s movements, and feminist political philosophy and the construction of the home place in different geographies through different axes.

She has worked as a lecturer at the Philosophy department of the Binghamton University and at the History department of the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and as an Assistant Professor at the Philosophy department of Mardin Artuklu University. In 2017 she was awarded Şirin Tekeli Research Encouragement Award.

*** This course is part of the Q Kolleg program of Humboldt University Berlin, and is organised in collaboration with the Department for Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region Institute for Asian and African Studies at Humboldt University Berlin.



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