Right and violation


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Free University Berlin
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Wednesdays 16:00 - 18:00 (GMT + 2)
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Right and Violation

About this course

This course explores the controversies of human rights theory with a special emphasis on acts of violation. How could an act of right violation be possible? What are the conditions of possibility of being exalted to the level of human rights for an ordinary political or moral demand? Keeping these questions in mind, we will examine main issues of human rights discipline through the use of video lectures, audio-visual files, interactive digital contents, and engaged online discussions. These materials will construct a more complete image of what a “human rights culture” looks like when it is approached from the viewpoint of people suffering from the violence of violations. This course goes beyond explaining and analyzing theoretical aspects of controversies by addressing recent efforts of human rights defenders to overcome adverse effects of violations. 

What you'll learn

- To understand the historical evolution and institutionalization of violation practices as the sovereign regime of the political body.

- Critical assessment of dominant human rights approaches.

- To develop an emancipatory understanding of rights that will support advocacy practices.